Application of bamboo poles

Bamboo stakes is the type of pile used to do private house at least. The piles of fresh bamboo, with the old tree with a diameter of 70-100, 1500-2500 long be tight by at the top of the pile used to close to the ground. Typically, 1 square meter, then close the about 20-25 pile of bamboo.

Bamboo stakes to close in wet soils, if the land is dry, bamboo stakes will quickly be destroyed.

Application of bamboo

The pile of bamboo is bringing technology solutions to traditional background processing for small load on weak ground. Pile of bamboo is a method of reinforcing weak ground or used, usually only used under the Foundation to bear the load of no more. In the southern area used piles of material due to callistemon available. Melaleuca and piles of bamboo has a length of 3-6 m are close to the ground reinforced with the aim of increasing the ability to load and reduce the weak.

Pile of bamboo is to raise the level of soil tightly, reducing empty coefficients lead to raise load of soils. Just be piling in bamboo bamboo stakes to wetlands not been rotting, if packed in water not dry land after that tre was rotting, counter productive do weak ground.

Do not pile of bamboo in sandy soil because of the sandy soil does not retain water, usually just pile of bamboo in water clay. Typically, closing 116-24 stakes/m2 because of the easy share (distance 20-25 cm cone). More thick sure could not be.

Currently not see the theoretical calculated in detail but can be done as follows: in the design phase assuming after piling bamboo ground to achieve tightness in it (through the void) from which the energy bearing ground taken as the base foundation design (or can assume the load bearing capacity of the ground after the pile).

After piling is completed, constant tests are carried out to check the bearing capacity of the foundation, which, if no other than the theory, does not require modification of the design (in fact, very few experimental tests rely mainly on experience)

application of bamboo polesScope of application

Bamboo Stakes are used to secure the ground for construction the load transmitted down big or not to dig the pit wall embankment reinforced piles.

Bamboo poles are used in these lands always wet, water logged. If bamboo poles to work the soil is always wet, then the life will be quite high (50-60 years and longer: our father often soak Bamboo under the black mud, but to pick up a golden nerd, formerly used in roof or post pictures) If you work in the area of bamboo pile, pile and soil dry and wet instability will soon be constricted or project (basic sometimes hurt).

The request of the pile

Bamboo is old bamboo stakes made on 2 year old, straight and fresh, the minimum diameter must be over 6 cm (usually from 80-100 mm).