Bamboo is used for Lexus’s steering wheel

Bamboo is now being used very popular in the world today. Based on the rapid development and characteristics of bamboo sure that people have adopted it in place of wood. Lexus car company also has applied to the steering wheel Bamboo substitute for timber, but still leave the luxury to the interior

Because bamboo grows faster and in a more environmentally friendly manner than wood, Lexus decided to create the steering wheel out of bamboo. Miroku Techno Wood is a company that uses advanced technology to process both wood and bamboo. They assisted Lexus in creating the steering wheel, to give the interior a fresh sense of contrast.

Bamboo is used for Lexus’s steering wheel

The reason that Miroku Techno Wood choose bamboo for the steering wheel for Lexus is because wood takes 40 to 50 years to grow but bamboo grows in just 2 months and becomes usable in 3 to 4 years. We decided on bamboo because of its fast growth.

Bamboo is usually cylindrical but they have the technology to give it a uniform shape, layering pieces one on top of another. They then bend the bamboo to create the arch for the ring. With bamboo, it’s possible to create that smooth line.


Each part is attached to the handle frame. Once everything is attached to the handle frame, it’s shaped by machine. Miroku Techno Wood’s machines will determine the shape of bamboo so that the wheel round and match. They are cut and removed by machines before worker checked their’ quality by hand.

The biggest challenge in creating the perfect shape is the bamboo is polished by hand to maintain the form. The shape can change if it’s not polished carefully and the surface must be made even. The skill to do this requires years of experience. They  experimented with gloss and found the right amount for the perfect texture and feel of the surface.

Final stage, they attach the leather around the steering wheel, and stitching it by hand. This bamboo steering wheel produces a comfortable warmth in the hands and a great felling when it’s gripped.