Bamboo Wing – Architecture bamboo restaurant

Bamboo Restaurant Wing – Works won many prestigious awards

Bamboo Wing Buildings (or Flying Bamboo) at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has received two awards big world architecture: FuturArc Prize in 2012 and Good Design Award in 2012.


Earlier, in 2011, works Bamboo Wing was awarded International Architecture Award (IAA). These are recognized by the world architecture for outstanding innovation in design and construction of the Bamboo Wing, as well as the meaning of sustainable development of the facility. Moreover, Bamboo Wing at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has represented the contemporary architecture of Vietnam to create a large footprint on the world architectural map.

Between May 6/2012, Bamboo Wing received good news from organizers Good Design Award 2012 prize to become the winner in the category of Green Architecture for green architecture.

Bamboo Restaurant Wing – Buildings towards sustainable development


Bamboo Wing restaurant design is Vo Trong Nghia Co., Ltd. and is invested by JSC Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. Buildings are built and towards sustainable development through the building of a space to relax, entertain opened all levels, mingles with the natural landscape from the materials of bamboo, bamboo garden environmentally friendly. Modern architectural works characterized Vietnam bamboo material bamboo garden with a simple and familiar to Vietnamese life from centuries.


Bamboo Wing textured bamboo is a bamboo garden two curved wings, fly back to back like cranes soar joyfully outstretched on Dai Lai lake, symbolizes the continuous development and prosperity. All the complex structures, a feat not handle manifest that quietly works to create a unique and sustainable bamboo. With Vietnam condensed substances in the rhythm of the 41 curves bamboo frame, forming a semi-advised embrace lake landscape made into 1,000 m2 restaurant and a floating stage on the lake waters. This is a large restaurant and unique bamboo in Vietnam no cover. Yet “only rain dotted the edge of the floor, gentle sunshine only cursory bow roof”.


Vietnam quality and environmental friendliness is illustrated texture bamboo frame bamboo garden, in the links are not metal, wood, roofing in ‘Forward’, the greening hills completely hide the support areas restaurant. The blend of blue in the water, fresh green forested hills, the blue color of the sky makes the link space, almost irrespective of the nature and work. Bamboo Wing as hidden in the trees, like rising from the earth and rise up through the sap of this beautiful Dai Lai lake.


Ultramarine blue water surface, bamboo brown river, gray marble is the main raw material made architectural landscape here. The restaurant is surrounded by the cool blue waters of the pool and lake landscape overflow. The vibration of the water originates emotions very special guests as clear as vague. A floating stage between an overflow semicircular front restaurant, striking at all angles. Nighttime space for guests to bring a completely different experience with just enough warm light shines through the dome of the lamp hidden in bamboo tubes and lights twinkling from the villa reflected underwater .


Water, wind, trees and bamboo hill along the curved flank was somewhat soothe those worries secular, erased the painful sight in the city. Bamboo Wing is a symbol of modern architectural style and pure Vietnamese, unobtrusive, elegant, chic and sustainable.