How to treat bamboo ?

Bamboo tree is a useful material for humans. In many fields, bamboo can be used effectively: interior and exterior decorating in the field of home design; building material for house construction;  be planted for growing in the field of agriculture; … There are also many other  applications in the bamboo industry. In Vietnam, bamboo trees are also important in the life of Vietnamese. You can see more about bamboo tree in Vietnam to know more.

Difficulties in the bamboo industry.

Bamboo has many uses, but besides, it also has many difficuties in the bamboo industry. One in the difficulties in developing bamboo industry is the termite phenomenon. Termites are the cause of damage to buildings and wooden objects. The main reason for the termite appearance that is the method and process of termite remediation is not correct. We will show the measures to treat bamboos against termite.

How to treat bamboo ?

At present, the treatment of bamboo from termite has many ways. Below is 3 most common ways:

Bamboo treatment by smoking

After bamboo is harvested,  we will cut down the bamboo shoots and leave only bamboo stalks. Then, we clean bamboos before go to bamboo smoking process to avoid termites. This is done by moving the bamboo over the fire and continuously rolating the bamboo so that the fire can be heated evenly. Do it continuously untill the outer layer the bamboo becomes hot and shiny. Note always keep the temperature between 135 – 150 degrees C ( about 275 – 300 degrees F).

Bamboo treatment by smoking

  •  Disadvantage:  The bamboo smoking will only make the bamboo black, not multi-color and not retain the natural color of bamboo. The bamboo smoking is also very costly to implement.
  • Advantage: The cost to follow this method is low, suitable for low income farmers.

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Treat bamboo by industrial boiling:

Industrial boiling is the common way, nowaday. The bamboo after being harvested and cleaned will be soaked in boiling water to boil. This approach aims to seperate to sugars and starches in the bamboo from the stem and leave only the cellulose in the bamboo. After boiling, store in the cool place.

  • Disadvantages: The methods requires investment in equipment and time can be used for a long time.
  • Advantages: Bring good effect to avoid the termite and keep natural color of bamboo.

Treat bamboo by soaking in solution

This is a most effective method. Bamboo after be harvested and cleaned, will be chopped into sections, depending on the need to use. Next, bamboo will be dipped in a water tank filled with chemical solution. The time to soak will depend on the chemical solution, usually range from 2 – 3 days.

Treat bamboo by soaking in solution

  • Disadvantages: it will affect the user if the chemical is not appropriate and not the right dose. Also need to invest in process equipment.
  • Advantages: Very resistant to termites.  Bamboo trees when used will be durable and longevity.

Above are the three mains methods of dealing with termites for bamboo. There also other ways such as: sun drying, indoors, bamboo drying, salt picking, … Depending on uses of each person, you will choose for yourself the approciated way. Each measure has advantages and disadvantages, but if know how to use, you can make sure the bamboo is effective against the termites and high durability.

Ensuring for the bamboo against the termites is the necessary way to develop the bamboo industry. As in the world, the application of bamboo to life is favored in many countries. You can see more articles about the application of bamboo to life to better understand the bamboo

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