Interesting bamboo “blooms hundred flowers” in Quang Nam

Recently, many people in Ai Nghia town (Dai Loc district, Quang Nam) dragged to the garden of Mr. Nguyen Van Hai to see a bamboo bush with “hundreds of flowers” bamboo looks very interesting.

On the afternoon of May 8, a lot of people present at Mr. Hai’s house to see the bamboo flower bloom is quite unique.

Bamboo clumps have blooming bamboo

Mr. Le Huu Tra (neighbors Mr. Hai) said, initially not notice, after seeing the children dragged him to see the “bamboo flowers” seen in the bamboo has the highest bamboo flowers hundred flowers look very spectacular. According to Tra, in the past, only the bamboo has “chicken crested” that children play “bamboo chicken”, like chicken. It’s a few out there but no beam.

Hundreds of bamboo flowers bloom from root to tip

Mr. Tra said that this is the first time he saw with his own eyes the bamboo flowers. “It is superstitious to say that this blooming bamboo is” home “, others say it is” ominous “but to me, I see beautiful,” he said.

The bamboo is next to a small pond. In the middle of the dust, there is a tall bamboo that appears as white gold. These beams sprout all over branches and branches, highlighting the green foliage.

Hundreds of bamboo flowers bloom from root to tip

The rumor of “blooming bamboo” with various opinions has attracted many people to come and see. According to people in the area, this phenomenon is strange and the first occur in the area.

Mr. Hai said that on April 30, he saw many curious people come to the garden to see the bamboo should he pay attention. At that time the bamboo hatch should be very beautiful white. “From ancient times until now I have not seen bamboo bloom ever, so bamboo bushes in the garden bloom so I find strange,” said Hai.

Hundreds of bamboo flowers bloom from root to tip

According to Hai, since the discovery of bamboo flowers, every day dozens of people come to see. They scattered about this ominous sign but for him, the blooming bamboo is strange, not “fortune” or “ominous” what!

Hai also said that this bush was from his father about 60-70 years ago but never since he had seen this bamboo bush ever bloom.

Mr. Doan Cong Nhi – Vice Chairman of Ai Nghia Town – said he was surprised to see the bamboo flowers. He said: “This is the first time I saw bamboo bloom. In this area, bamboo is also abundant, but from the past, no bamboo has ever bloomed. ”

A forestry official who talked to the reporter about the blooming bamboo tree said that he considered the phenomenon normal, not supernatural. Usually, after a period of growth, bamboo will flower, then die and die. However, this cycle takes place very long, in folklore or called “one hundred years bloom once” so many people are not witnessed.