Bamboo bungalows

Bamboo bungalows

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Bungalow house is one story originating from India existed since the 17th century, the house was designed with a small area, a separate, structured, with relatively simple features, but very maneuverable and fully equipped, only a single floor and wide eaves, width depends on the number of people in the first person, second person or a family, but the common broadest not exceed 150m2.


With a particular style is simple and maximizing interior items and absolute closeness to nature so to design Bungalow require the investor and the designer must ensure that the following factors:

– The area must be large enough to meet the needs of one family

– The space must be large enough to not be limited vision, flat surface is not obscured by high walls, or more old big trees.

– Wide awnings, design style open space completely close to nature

– Combine bushes decorated with grass, wildflowers, or the beauty of garden plants

– Mainly wood materials, wood, bamboo trees … or from natural materials is key.

– No stairs and minimize the bulkhead wall in the room as well as …

With the peculiarities in bungalow design, requires bungalow construction design units must first understand the architecture, with extensive experience in architectural design as well as the construction sector. In particular, to have a bungalow suited to the needs of customers, the need to have experience in the sense of the needs of the user design and feel that comes from creative to add more unique homes .

Song Anh Company will be the leading partner for you to meet the demand for construction of bungalows. In particular, the supply of bamboo quality and low price will be an advantage for our company in the problem about your cost.

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