Production process clean bamboo chopsticks in Vietnam

From how life is, bamboo chopsticks rustic, simple earning has become close friendship with life, human Vietnam.  Not merely an inanimate object, bamboo chopsticks is an important item in the meal.   Besides , bamboo chopsticks are used increasingly common: the use of bamboo chopsticks 1 time in bars, stores vermicelli, noodles, fried noodles, pubs, restaurants…

Ago, no modern machinery, we just need a knifes sharpener and meticulously polished bamboo slats to create a pair of bamboo chopsticks. Undergone thousands of years of development, more bamboo chopsticks production facilities have been affirmed his position in domestic and foreign markets. With various items such as disposable bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, ebony chopstick… bamboo  in Vietnam currently being distributed across the country, from markets and restaurants to export to foreign markets.

cleaned bamboo chopstick

The expansion of the brand and the progress made bamboo chopsticks to put on the market, can be exported to foreign countries quickly, then many production facilities are no longer interested in the issue of food safety and the health of many consumers, that only knows how to use the young bamboo, using chemical bleaches are accompanied by much, the work plan is not specific. Particularly the loss of customer confidence towards the base produce  bamboo chopsticks reputation, quality.

With this situation, the requirements set for the production base to focus more bamboo chopsticks and must be controlled food safety issues closely. But to bring to market a range of  bamboo chopsticks clean and quality, all stages of production are to be followed closed process, use clean materials, natural origin and sterilization stages, no mold are ensuring food safety. Encourage grassroots required manufacturing processes and quality clean bamboo chopsticks as follows:

  1. Observe the stages of production, we can see the entire work but are lamthu workers without protective equipment. The whole pile of bamboo chopsticks after being processed are piled on the ground floor, and into the dirt, workers’ shoes.
  2. After peeling is done, the bamboo chopstick was washed and then drop into the pot pre-mixed water with a chemical substance. Soak for 15-20 minutes, then take out the bamboo chopsticks, whiteness is improved markedly.
  3. Some workers at these facilities said to bamboo chopsticks are not moldy, after being bleached bamboo chopsticks preservatives marinated, then seasoned flavor flavoring to the natural bamboo.
  4. Next is drying to dry for longer retention period.
  5. The last stage is packing. To separate the thin plastic bag containing 2 layers of chopsticks, workers often blowing directly bulging bag, then stuffed the wand in and stamping. All these operations are also made with bare hands.

In the production process need to pay special attention to the use of appropriate chemicals. According to research by scientists is the use of chlorine for bleaching bamboo chopsticks are more popular. Chlorine is a strong oxidizing weak,must use the right dose of chlorine when the bamboo chopsticks to dip. After the bleaching, the added preservatives and flavorings have to be careful.