Thanh Giong – The image of bamboo in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Thanh Giong is a celebrity in Vietnam, but when it comes to probably everyone will know and associate with bamboo. So “Thanh Giong” Who is he ? Let’s take a look at the article below to know about Thanh Giong – The image of bamboo in Vietnam.

Story has it that in the 6th Hung Vuong life, Giong village with the old man taking his wife to do business and a reputation for mercy. The couple, who wish to have a child. One day she saw a stain synchronized to the leg, immediately put his feet up tentative to see how much worse. Did not expect to go home she conceived and twelve months after a boy was born very handsome face. The couple was elated. But strangely! The child until the age of three still can not speak, smile, do not know to go, every place where it lay there.

Thanh Giong - The image of bamboo in Vietnam
Thanh Giong – The image of bamboo in Vietnam

An invaders then have to infringe our country’s borders. The powerful enemy, the king feared. Commanded the messengers went everywhere looking for talented people to save the country. The baby heard the news, suddenly and said, “I invite ambassadors here”. Messengers on, baby said: “He said before the king about shopping for a horse we know fire safety, an iron whip and iron armor, we will destroy the invaders.”


Just amazed messenger, just rejoice, hurry on before the king. The king commanded to do day and night workers than those animals boy commanded.


More and more strange, after yesterday met the messenger, the boy soon grew. Rice also eat some unsaturated, just wear shirt has stretch finish off only. The couple work out how much child support is not enough, to try to run through relatives and neighbors. Farmers are willing paddy rice farming gather lads, because everyone is looking forward to paying to kill the enemy, to save the country.

The enemy came to the foot of Mount Buffalo. The country is in danger, people who panic. Just then, a messenger brought the iron horse knows fire, iron rods, iron armor to. Boy got up, stretched a suddenly transformed into a higher coated his staff officers, majesty. Coated butt officer patted horses boarded. Horses whinnied wildly few hours long. Coated armor officer, jumped on his horse whip. Fire horse, galloping coated finish straight to officers where wars, thousands of workers in the heavenly aura promotion code intensified gas anomalies, such as straw enemy dead. Suddenly broken iron rod. Rinse the officer he spit bamboo cluster along the road excavations on the enemy. Shattered the enemy. Stampede moans together remnants fled, officers chased to the foothills coated Soc (Soc Son). Soc Son mountain top and then ride ascending to the heavens. King Me merit, dubbed Phu Dong Thien Vuong and founded the temple right at home.


Currently still in the village of Phu Dong Temple, called continuous Giong village. April each year to celebrate the village. It is said that behind the ivory bamboo in Gia Binh district for new fires erupted horse yellowing shining like that, even the horse’s feet into the ponds this row. It also said the horses screaming fire, fire has burned a village, so that village later called Village Fire.


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