The current state of the bamboo industry in Vietnam

To invest in material processing, not easy for a small-scale plant or investors not strong in capital, bamboo itself contains a large amount of nutrients, these substances can become official food for microorganisms, insects and even animals, if not treated remove these substances away, the product will be microorganisms such as fungi and insects, such as termites attack, reduce the aesthetic value and the quality of the product used, to be able to be processed, the system should invest boiling, steaming and drying industrial scale, need a capital of several bilion or more.

Pressed bamboo stick is also field the most widely applied, especially for such as flooring, furniture tables, chair, beds, cabinets, kitchen utensils, small appliances like to spoon, fork or bathroom accessories like coat racks, toilet lid, etc.. So the bamboo stick pressed for investment can quickly reach the consumer market, this area likely will attract more investors than individuals, but also because of the peculiar production raw materials, so investors need to calculate carefully stages that will put money in.

situation bamboo industry in Vietnam
The current state of the bamboo industry in Vietnam

The field of manufacturing fabric and stranger for many investors in Vietnam. The fabric can be a potential area for garment industry of Vietnam mainly work and depend on imported raw materials from China. Energy manufacturing sector also needs to have the support of the sustainable development police of the State, especially in terms of the environment and emissions.

The moment that Vietnam is very open to international markets through free-trade agreements such as the AEC, FTA and the future is TPP, the processing industry products from bamboo has greater opportunities with tax incentives and policy use of sustainable materials in the Member States, may be a lot of pressure from the Chinese production. However, the business of manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam, need to proceed to the target market and brand building for yourself, by the construction of the system of direct or indirect sales in markets that instead of just take orders from the foreign companies as traditional. Need to have an Association linking enterprises in the industry, together grow, share the same difficulty and seeking opportunity, solution.

In the near future, when the Vietnam market opened stronger with the international community, due to geographical characteristics associated with China, Vietnam may become the buffer zone for Chinese enterprises to go to the market China is not preferential, if that’s the biggest benefit Vietnamese businesses will take upon ourselves is taking the opportunity and the most convenient location. Chinese enterprises may be in the form of links or legal representatives to Vietnam was the production facility in Vietnam, with the ability to finance their powerful, industrial bamboo  Vietnam Men will not be the main person to exploit Vietnam, the largest resources will belong to the hands of Chinese or other countries.

Bamboo industry in Vietnam, a relatively narrow sector of major forest products processing industry, but is contains a great potential in the trend of sustainable development of the world, businesses are Vietnam, facing a great opportunity as well as are faced with great challenges, need investors of all sizes involved, should the policy makers from governments involved, should the participating managers and organizations need a strong association to oriented to production, at the same time facing the international market.