The distribution of bamboo in the world

Bamboo is subfamily of grass, they are characterized by large diversity . Bamboo have rapid growth and wide distribution. They occur in all continents except  Europe. Distribution of bamboo is diversity. The altitudinal range is distributed diversity. They occur from sea level to hight mountains with altitude 3000 – 4000m as Himalayan and Andes mountain. In the northernmost, bamboos occur in China, Japan and Korea. While in the southernmost , they occur in Chile.

Distribution of woody bamboo

Curently, in the world, bamboo have about 1200 species are recognized, devide into 2 main group: woody bamboo and herbaceous bamboo. In which, bamboo species which are used a lot by the human is woody bamboo. Because they have many applications in the life such as bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks, bamboo home, bamboo pattern  … . They have spectacular size and solid wood body . Moreover bamboo is also the title of the story, especially the fairy tale “Thanh Giong”, bearing the image of bamboo in VietNam

About herbaceous bamboos, they are resemble grasses, often grow under trees and vegetation in the tropical forests. They cover the soil below the trees.

There are the largest bamboo in Asia with a height up to 40m. To estimated, they increase 1m in every 24 hours and they are considered a species with the highest growth rate of the world. The world record holder is Phyllostachys edulis with the growth 121 cm in every 24 hours.

Bamboo is very useful . There are more 1000 uses  of bamboos bring. They are used for pulp and paper, for construction and structural applications, for furniture, for food and fodder. Bamboo attached to poor, because in every aspect, bamboos can be used to do everything from the things from house to build a house.